Reliable Forensic Accounting Services to Detect Fraudulent Activity and Save the Day

Unmask Fraud Practices with Forensic Accounting Services

Fraudulent activities can cause significant financial losses to businesses. However, identifying such activities can be challenging without the right expertise. This is where forensic accountants come in. They are trained to detect fraudulent activities in financial statements, transactions, and records. Using various techniques and tools, they uncover hidden patterns and anomalies that may indicate fraud. Our forensic accounting expert can help you identify and prevent fraudulent activities, protecting your business from potential losses. Don't let fraud go unnoticed - contact us today for a free no-obligation consultation.

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Don't Overpay or Undersell. Get Accurate Business Valuation

Looking to determine the true value of your business? We can provide an accurate assessment of your company's worth. Whether you are looking to sell your business, secure financing, or settle a legal dispute, knowing the true value of your business is crucial. Our forensic accounting consultant uses a variety of methods to determine the value of your business, including analyzing financial statements, assessing market trends, and evaluating assets and liabilities. We’ll help you make informed decisions and keep business related problems at bay.

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Expert Witness Testimony for Legal or Financial Investigations

When it comes to legal disputes involving financial matters, expert witness testimony can make or break a case. Forensic accountants are trained to analyze financial data and provide objective opinions that can be used as evidence in court. The benefits of expert witness testimony from forensic accountants are numerous. For one, they can help clarify complex financial issues for the judge and jury. Additionally, their testimony can lend credibility to a case and increase the chances of a favorable outcome. If you find yourself in need of expert witness testimony for a financial dispute, consider hiring a reputable forensic accounting firm like ours to provide the necessary support.

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Our Forensic Accounting Expert Helps With Insurance Claims

Have you ever filed an insurance claim only to have it denied or delayed? Insurance fraud is a growing problem, and it can be difficult to determine if a claim is legitimate or fraudulent. A forensic accounting consultant helps by analyzing financial records and conducting interviews. They uncover any discrepancies or inconsistencies that may indicate fraud. As a result, insurance companies can save millions of dollars by preventing fraudulent claims from being paid out. Our company has a team of experienced professionals who can help you navigate the complex world of insurance claims and ensure that your company is protected from fraud.

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Money laundering investigations

Money laundering is a serious issue that can have severe consequences for businesses and individuals alike. Fortunately, our team of expert forensic accountants can investigate these activities by tracing the flow of funds through various accounts and transactions. By doing so, we can identify any suspicious activity and help you take appropriate action to prevent further harm. With our help, you can rest assured that your business is protected from the damaging effects of money laundering. Contact us today to learn more about our forensic accounting services.

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About Arrowfish - Premier Forensic Accounting Expert

Arrowfish Consulting is a highly respected and sought-after forensic accounting firm. With nearly 200 years of combined experience, we offer the experience and know-how that you cannot always find at other forensic accounting firms. Our lead forensic accountant is both a CPA and a Certified Fraud Examiner whose career began in the Dispute Analysis and Investigations group of Coopers & Lybrand. His deep expertise and training in forensic accounting services are a perfect complement to the multidisciplinary expertise of our other team members that include PhDs, MBAs, forensic economists, financial analysts, business appraisers, corporate bankruptcy experts and management consultants.

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7-Step Process for Our Forensic Accounting Services


Initial Consultation

We schedule an initial meeting to fully comprehend your needs, concerns, and goals. This enables us to evaluate whether our services meet your requirements and expectations.


Engagement Letter

When you're prepared to move forward, we'll create an engagement letter that explicitly defines the scope, fees, and other vital terms and conditions.


Data Collection

We collect all relevant financial documents and data, such as bank statements, invoices, receipts, tax returns, and other essential information. This ensures that we have all the necessary details at our disposal.



Our forensic accounting expert team conducts a thorough analysis of financial data to identify any inconsistencies, irregularities, or questionable transactions that could potentially indicate fraudulent activities. We deliver a comprehensive report to assist you in taking the necessary measures.



We will provide you with a comprehensive report that highlights our discoveries, conclusions, and suggestions straightforwardly. You can rest assured that the report will be easy to understand and won't pose any difficulties for you.


Expert Witness

We can also offer our expert witness testimony in court or arbitration hearings, as per the need. Our findings are the basis of such services, which we provide in cases of business and accounting valuation, and even divorce cases.



Our forensic accounting consultant offers ongoing assistance to our clients in implementing our suggestions and avoiding similar problems in the future.

Our Forensic Accounting Services

Our team of forensic accountants applies accounting, financial analysis and investigative skills to uncover the truth, assist in financial investigations and ultimately provide credible analysis that may be relied upon in court or mediation for:

  • Commercial Damages

  • Personal Injury

  • Shareholders and Partnership Disputes

  • Commercial Insurance Claims

  • Business or Employee Fraud Investigations

  • Matrimonial Disputes (Divorce)

  • Corporate Bankruptcy

Our forensic accounting experts have provided services across a wide variety of industries to attorneys, insurance companies, business owners, banks and individuals.

Contact us today for a free initial consultation and put our forensic accounting services to work for you.

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Why Choose Arrowfish as Your Forensic Accounting Expert?


Nothing can replace the value of experience. Our team boasts an impressive 200+ years of combined expertise, backed by over 20 qualifications and advanced degrees.

Reliable Analysis

Our analysis is unparalleled in its firm and resolute conclusions, presented in a lucid and comprehensible format. However, which is of greater importance in achieving success - swiftness or precision?


Rest assured that our team is committed to promptly addressing your needs. This is what distinguishes us from our competitors and enables us to establish enduring relationships with our esteemed clients.

Personal Service

Our dedication to you extends far beyond a mere customer relationship. We prioritize providing tailored attention that unequivocally confirms your status as our priority.

Energy & Passion

Our unwavering commitment to excellence fuels us to surpass your anticipations and provide bespoke outcomes that cater to your requirements. We conduct ourselves with utmost professionalism and zeal, leaving no room for mediocrity.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Forensic Accounting?

Forensic accounting is a specialized field of accounting that deals with the investigation and analysis of financial information for legal purposes. It involves the use of accounting, auditing, and investigative skills to uncover financial fraud, embezzlement, and other financial crimes. Forensic accountants are often called upon to provide expert testimony in court cases and to assist law enforcement agencies in their investigations. They may also work with businesses to prevent fraud and to develop internal controls to safeguard against financial crimes. In a nutshell, forensic accounting services are an important tool in the fight against financial crime and helps to ensure that justice is served.

What does a forensic accounting expert do?

Here are some specific tasks they might do:

- Analyze financial records: They'll dig through bank statements, tax returns, and other financial documents to find evidence of fraud or other illegal activity.

- Interview witnesses: They'll talk to people who might have information about the case they're investigating.

- Calculate damages: If someone has been harmed financially, they will figure out how much money they're owed.

- Testify in court: If the case goes to trial, the forensic accounting expert might be called to testify as an expert witness.

So, a forensic accounting consultant is an essential part of the legal system. They help ensure that justice is served and that financial crimes don't go unpunished. 

What is a Forensic Accounting Investigation?

It is a highly specialized domain of accounting that centers on scrutinizing financial reporting misconduct. It is frequently employed to aid in white-collar investigations, including securities fraud, money laundering, tax fraud, and cybercrimes. Forensic accountants are exceptionally proficient experts who leverage their acumen to unearth financial anomalies and furnish evidence that can be utilized in legal proceedings.

What should I consider when deciding which forensic accounting consultant to hire?

When it comes to hiring, there are a few things you should consider to ensure you're getting the best person for the job. Here are some points to keep in mind:

- Look for experience: You want someone who has worked on cases similar to yours and has a track record of success. Don't be afraid to ask for references or case studies.

- Check their credentials: Make sure they are certified and licensed in your state. You can also look for additional certifications like the Certified Fraud Examiner (CFE) designation.

- Consider their communication skills: A good forensic accountant should be able to explain complex financial concepts in plain language that you can understand. They should also be responsive and easy to reach when you have questions.

- Look for someone who is detail-oriented: Forensic accounting requires a keen eye for detail and the ability to spot inconsistencies or red flags in financial records.

- Consider their fees: While you don't want to choose an accountant solely based on price, it's important to make sure their fees are reasonable and within your budget.

These factors should help you find a professional who will help you navigate complex financial issues with confidence. Need to find a forensic accountant for urgent situations? Contact our team today for a free consultation.

When should I retain a Forensic Accounting expert?

Well, the answer is pretty straightforward. You should consider hiring one when you suspect financial fraud or misconduct within your organization.

A forensic accounting expert investigates financial irregularities and helps uncover any fraudulent activities that may be occurring. They can also provide expert testimony in court if necessary.

Additionally, if you're going through a divorce or a business dispute, a forensic accountant can help you with asset tracing and valuation. They can also assist with determining the true income of an individual or business for tax purposes.

So, in case you have any concerns about financial improprieties or need assistance with complex financial matters, it's best to consult with a forensic accountant. It's always better to be safe than sorry when it comes to protecting your finances and reputation.

In what sort of issues or disputes will I need to consult a Forensic Accountant?

The following are the typical cases where you’ll need a forensic accounting service:

  • Commercial Damages

  • Personal Injury

  • Shareholders and Partnership Disputes

  • Commercial Insurance Claims

  • Business or Employee Fraud Investigations

  • Matrimonial Disputes (Divorce)

  • Corporate Bankruptcy

What benefit will I get from a forensic accounting consulting firm over my own accountant?

A forensic accountant is not your average accountant. They have some pretty unique skills that set them apart from your run-of-the-mill number cruncher.

First off, they are trained to detect and prevent fraud. They have a keen eye for spotting irregularities in financial records and can investigate suspicious activity to determine if any fraudulent activity has taken place. This is something that your regular accounting professional may not be equipped to handle.

They are also often called upon to provide expert testimony in legal proceedings. They can analyze financial data and present their findings clearly and concisely which is easy for judges and juries to understand.

So, while your accountant may be great at managing your finances day-to-day, a forensic accountant brings a unique set of skills to the table that can be invaluable in detecting and preventing fraud, as well as providing expert testimony when needed.

How is forensic accounting different from auditing?

Auditing is a process of examining financial records and statements to ensure they are accurate and comply with accounting standards. It's like a check-up for a company's financial health. On the other hand, forensic accounting is more like detective work. It involves investigating financial records and transactions to uncover fraud or other illegal activities.

While both of them involve examining financial records, the purpose and scope of each are different. Auditing is more focused on ensuring accuracy and compliance, while forensic accounting is focused on uncovering wrongdoing. Forensic accountants often work closely with law enforcement and lawyers to provide evidence in legal cases.

So, there you have it. Both these terms may seem similar, but they serve different purposes in the world of finance. 

Who is a CPA? And, how are they different from forensic accountants?

CPA stands for Certified Public Accountant. They are professionals who have passed the CPA exam and met the education and experience requirements to become licensed in their state.

CPAs typically provide services such as tax preparation, financial planning, and auditing for individuals and businesses. On the other hand, forensic accountants are specialized CPAs who use their accounting skills to investigate financial crimes such as fraud, embezzlement, and money laundering.

FAs often work closely with law enforcement agencies and attorneys to gather evidence and provide expert testimony in court cases. So while both have similar educational backgrounds, forensic accountants have additional training and expertise in investigating financial crimes. Hope that helps.

Who needs the services of forensic accounting consulting firms?

Well, anyone who suspects financial fraud or misconduct, really. These professionals are like financial detectives, using their specialized skills to investigate and analyze financial data in order to uncover any illegal activity.

Businesses may hire forensic accountants to investigate suspected embezzlement or other financial crimes committed by employees. Lawyers may also use their services in cases involving financial disputes or white-collar crime.

Individuals may also benefit from a forensic accounting expert in cases such as divorce proceedings where there are concerns about hidden assets or income.

Basically, if you suspect that something fishy is going on with your finances, forensic accounting firms can help you get to the bottom of it. They're like the Sherlock Holmes of the financial world.

How does a forensic accountant help me during a divorce?

They can be a real lifesaver during a divorce. You see, they specialize in analyzing financial records and uncovering any hidden assets or income that one spouse might be trying to keep from the other. This can be especially important in high-net-worth divorces where there's a lot of money at stake.

So, how exactly can they help you? Well, for starters, they can review bank statements, tax returns, and other financial documents to make sure everything is on the up and up. They can also help you value assets like businesses or real estate so that you can make informed decisions about how to divide them.

Therefore, forensic accounting firms can give you peace of mind knowing that your finances are being thoroughly examined and that you're getting a fair shake in the divorce settlement. 

What are potential red flags of fraud in my business?

When it comes to fraud in your business, there are definitely some red flags you should be on the lookout for. Here are a few potential warning signs:

  1. Unusual financial activity: Keep an eye out for any transactions that seem out of the ordinary, such as large or frequent purchases from a single vendor.
  2. Lack of documentation: If you notice that certain transactions or expenses aren't being properly documented, that could be a sign that something fishy is going on.
  3. Unexplained discrepancies: If your books don't seem to add up or you notice discrepancies between different financial reports, it's worth investigating further.
  4. Employee behavior: Sometimes, employees who are committing fraud will exhibit unusual behavior, such as working odd hours or being overly defensive about their work.

Of course, these are just a few potential red flags - there are many other signs of fraud to watch out for as well. The key is to stay vigilant and keep an eye out for anything that seems suspicious. And forensic accounting services can help you immensely in any such situation.

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