business reputation is invaluable for dental practice valuation
Jun 07

How To Value A Dental Practice Like An Expert

Whether you’re planning on selling your dental practice, bringing in a new partner, or acquiring a new clinic, you’ll need to know its exact dollar value. And like all business owners, your biggest question in this situation will be: How to value a dental practice?  For starters, let me tell you that there’s no one-size-fits-all […]...

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May 29

How to Value a Hair Salon?

Did you know that the hair salon industry in the US alone is a multi-billion dollar giant, which was valued at $52.2 billion in 2023? With this booming market, it’s no surprise that buying or selling a hair salon can be a lucrative opportunity. But how to value a hair salon using the right business […]...

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how to value a cpa firm?
May 28

How to Value a CPA Firm?

Knowing how to value a CPA firm isn’t easy since a lot of factors impact the firm’s value. Have you ever asked yourself how best to price your accounting practice? Many organizations have a hard time determining the value of their own company. In this blog, I’ll highlight the factors you have to consider when […]...

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how to value a grocery store?
May 28

How to Value a Grocery Store?

Did you know that the grocery industry in the United States is valued at over $880 billion? If you wish to sell, invest in, or grow your grocery store (or maybe even buy one), getting business evaluation services to know how much it is worth will definitely enable you to make wise decisions. This blog […]...

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how to value a consulting business
May 22

How to Value a Consulting Business?

Knowing how to value a consulting business is crucial whether you want to sell, attract investors, or merge with another firm. Understanding the true worth of your business can unlock opportunities and guide strategic decisions. This blog will walk you through the essential factors, methodologies, and practical tips for an accurate valuation. By the end, […]...

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law firm valuation guidebook
Mar 14

How To Value A Law Firm Like A Pro

Law firms are among the most valued businesses in the country, thanks to the consistent profitability they’ve been able to maintain. And this trend is only set to increase further as more businesses and individuals look to spend on legal services. Now, if there’s one new normal that this boom has created in the legal […]...

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fuel pumps at a gas station
Mar 11

A Complete Gas Station Valuation Guide For 2024

If there’s one thing that gas station owners are always keen on knowing, it is the value of their business. And for good reasons, as gas stations are one of the most complex businesses, with their value fluctuating frequently.  Not to mention, with multiple businesses in one establishment, it isn’t easy to establish a dollar […]...

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laundromat valuation
Feb 08

How To Value A Laundromat Business?

Laundromats are one of the most profitable small businesses. In fact, they are also among the few sectors that not only survived COVID but also continue to grow at a steady pace.  Thus, from owners wanting to cash in and retire to entrepreneurs looking for a profitable investment, business sales and purchases are a common […]...

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business appraiser at plant
Feb 02

Plant And Equipment Valuation: Why Is It So Import...

Manufacturing industries have always been the backbone of the national economy. And rightly so, as this sector has built the country from the ground up.  So don’t be surprised when I tell you that these industries are among the most sought-after businesses on the market.  And as the number of these businesses is growing at […]...

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An Evaluator Conducting Qualified Appraisal for Estate Tax Purposes 
Jan 25

What Is A Qualified Appraisal for Estate Tax Purpo...

Among all things federal taxes, estate tax accounts for only a fraction of the total IRS revenue. In fact, out of the $4.05 trillion tax dollars in FY 2021, only about $18.4 billion accounted for estate taxes.  Nevertheless, if you’re eligible to pay an estate tax, this is a huge deal for you. After all, […]...

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409a business valuation
Jan 19

409A Valuation: A Complete Guide For Startups

Granting equity or stock options is indeed one of the biggest moments for your startup. After all, it shows that your venture is all set to raise big-ticket capital and excel. But before you can proceed with an equity offering, IRS regulations require you to get a 409A valuation. This is essentially meant to determine […]...

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Jan 12

How To Value A Landscaping Business For Sale?

With over $170 billion in market size, landscaping businesses are the true hidden giants. So much so that they account for 633,481 registered companies and employ over 1.2 million people. As such, big ticket sales and mergers are the usual order of business in the industry. In fact, from business owners looking to simply cash […]...

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Business valuation
Jan 04

Can A CPA Do A Business Valuation?

We all trust our CPAs (certified public accountants), and why wouldn’t we? They help us do our taxes, manage our finances, and whatnot.  In fact, In a recent survey of 1,000 small business owners, 86% of them consider their accountant a trusted advisor, even more than their family, friends, lawyers, and financial planners. Now the […]...

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Dec 27

What Is A Small Trucking Company Worth?

Trucking companies are always interested in knowing the market value of their business. And unsurprisingly so, as, with cut-throat competition and ever-changing industry landscape, both survival and success of the business go hand in hand. This is especially true for the smaller players, who, despite making the most of the country’s over 570,000 trucking companies, […]...

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Car in Car wash shop
Oct 23

Car Wash Valuation: The Ultimate Guide

Do you own a car wash business, or are you interested in buying or selling one? If so, you might be wondering how much your car wash is worth and how to determine a fair price. Car wash valuation is not a simple task, as it involves many factors, such as the size, type, and […]...

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ESOP valuation
Oct 17

ESOP Valuation 101: What You Need to Know About Yo...

ESOPs are a way for your company to reward you with shares of its stock. But how do you figure out what they are worth? That’s where ESOP valuation comes in. ESOP valuation is the process of finding out the fair market value (FMV) of your ESOPs. It’s not as simple as looking at the […]...

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Chiropractic Practice Valuation
Oct 10

How To Value A Chiropractic Practice For Sale?

When it comes to overall business value, chiropractic businesses are often termed as undiscovered treasures. And for good reasons, as more people are keen on seeking alternative and natural healing methods such as chiropractic than ever before. So, it isn’t surprising why some chiropractic clinics are able to attract lucrative investments and sell at favorable […]...

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Medical Practice Valuation
Oct 05

Medical Practice Valuation: A Comprehensive Guide

Are you thinking about selling or buying a medical practice and want to understand its current fair market value?  Conducting a medical practice valuation is crucial in making well-informed decisions in such transactions. This process involves assessing and estimating the fair market value of your medical practice. But how do you actually go about valuing […]...

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an accountant valuing intangible assets
Sep 11

Intangible Asset Valuation: A Complete Guide

In the modern economy, we cannot simply calculate the worth of a business by assessing its assets; It is way more complicated than that. Nowadays, the actual value of a business goes way beyond its tangible assets listed on its balance sheets, like how much property it owns. To know the true value of a […]...

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a building under construction
Aug 18

How To Value A Construction Company? 

Construction companies are among the top guns when it comes to overall business value. In fact, it’s always been so despite all the ups and downs in the industry, thanks to their massive scale of operations. But this also poses a significant challenge when valuing one such firm. You see, the bigger a construction business […]...

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