Business Valuation in Dallas by Specialists

Business Valuation in Dallas by Specialists

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    Prepare Your Business For Unsolicited Offers

    Got a proposal lately to buy your company and are unsure of its real value? Rest easy, as our business valuation services in Dallas have got you covered. Not only will our business appraisal expert provide you with a precise valuation but also help you gain an edge in buyout negotiations.

    We conduct in-depth analyses of the offer/s and the possible outcomes after taking into account the latest industry trends, current market scenario, and your business’s financial performance. As such, our business appraisal report will draw an accurate, fair market value of your firm.

    Furthermore, our valuation experts also provide insights into the prospective buyers and their intent, thus acquainting you with the offered terms, their risks, and limitations. Also, you can rely on our appraisers for expert guidance on offer response and strategic negotiations relating to mergers, acquisitions, stake sales or purchases, and more.

    With a detailed business appraisal report and resourceful consultation, we can help you with better negotiations and rational decision-making on any buyout offer


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    Resolve partner disputes in no time

    Looking for a business valuation in Dallas due to a partner dispute? You can sit back and let our Dallas business appraisal experts handle the nitty gritty. While there can be multiple reasons behind a partner dispute, they mostly occur due to disagreements over ownership, purchases, contracts, etc. And a reliable company valuation report comes in handy in all such situations.
    Our valuation experts are seasoned at resolving partner disputes quickly. They do so by preparing a detailed report after scrutinizing the company’s financial statements, its assets, incomes, and liabilities. By calculating a precise value of the company, our report enables partners to equally divide the profits and losses.
    For instance, disagreements among partners in small to medium-sized businesses on how to split the profits and losses are commonplace, especially in the event of a partner deciding to exit the firm. In such situations, our valuation appraiser can carry out an impartial business evaluation and establish the firm’s accurate value.
    With our pinpointed valuation reports, all the parties to the dispute can mutually agree on fair compensation for each partner. So you can rest assured of an easy and quick settlement.

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    Expert opinion on your business’s performance

    Not sure how your business has been performing of late? Well, you can get your Dallas business appraisal from certified professionals and develop thorough insights into your company’s performance and well-being.

    Our team of business valuation experts conducts an in-depth analysis of a firm’s fiscal records for the last five years, depicting an exact picture of how the company is performing.

    We also undertake extensive research to earmark recurring tendencies and patterns of growth. Herein, we study your firm’s liquidity, range of business, and operational ratio for the last five years. Also, to establish how stable your company is financially, our experts undertake a complete sector-specific analysis.

    As such, with our expert business valuation consultation in Dallas, you can calculate your business’s growth, profitability, liquidity, and credit capacity. Thus, with a clear understanding of your company’s performance and potential, you can initiate the necessary measures to scale the business.


    Business Valuation discussion

    An easy 5-step process to evaluate your business


    Primary consultation to understand your needs

    You can schedule an initial consultation meeting with us where we can comprehend your needs, walk you through our services, and propose an optimum solution.


    Engagement letter and request for documents

    Herein, our representative will coordinate with you or your company to finalize the engagement letter and seek the required documents for valuation analysis.


    Preliminary business valuation analysis

    Our business appraisal expert will conduct an initial evaluation and provide you with a valuation report with insights into the whole process.


    Final analysis and issue of deliverables

    The appraiser will finish the analysis and prepare a final evaluation report highlighting the findings of the
    business valuation.


    Client briefing

    Once the valuation is complete and a report finalized, our team will schedule a call to talk you through the findings and answer all your questions.

    Our all-inclusive business appraisal services in Dallas cover


    Transactions like acquisitions & mergers

    • Purchasing or selling business/es
    • luBuying or selling agreement/s
    • Management planning

    IRS reporting & tax compliance

    • Income tax
    • Gift tax and estate planning
    • Family limited partnerships (FLPs)


    Financial Reporting

    • Valuation of sophisticated securities
    • Purchase Price Allocation
    • Goodwill Impairment Testing
    • Intangible assets’ identification and valuation
    • ESOP or employee stock option plan valuation

    Restructuring and bankruptcy

    • Lender support valuations
    • Solvency analysis

    Why Arrowfish Consulting is your one-stop business appraisal firm?

    Ours is a team with 200+ years of combined experience and expertise in 20+ specializations. And with such in-house expertise, you can rest assured of nothing but the best valuation analysis and consultation.


    Accurate analysis

    For us, an accurate and error-free analysis is more critical than one hastily conducted. And we proudly offer valuation analyses that aren’t only 100% accurate but also easy to understand.


    Highly responsive

    Our team’s response to queries and needs is swift, something that differentiates us and helps develop trust among clients. So you can count on us for quick responses to your requirements.


    Tailor-made services

    We understand that the needs and concerns are different for every client. And our services are personalized to each individual’s and business’s criteria, including yours.


    Passionate team

    At Arrowfish Consulting, we love what we do. We put our heart and soul into creating clear and precise valuation reports and walk the extra mile to explain their essence.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Why do you need a business evaluation?

    A business evaluation turns out to be useful in multiple situations, the most common being a purchase or sale (partial or total) of a firm. You’ll need a valuation to determine equitable distribution of the business’s assets as per the legal criteria in circumstances like the death of a partner, divorce, disability, and even natural disasters.
    A company valuation is also required when settling internal/external disputes among partners/shareholders or the Internal Revenue Service, donating the firm’s shares to charitable foundations, or switching from C-corp to S-corp. Further, you’ll need an appraisal report when complying with agreement terms for partnership, shareholding, or buying and selling. Apart from that, if you’re a small business owner, a valuation will be helpful when raising strategic capital or applying for a Small Business Administration loan.
    Finally, a business appraisal report, together with in-depth market research, will help you have a clear knowledge of your company’s exact worth under prevailing market conditions.
    Looking for an expert valuation of your business in Dallas? You can reach out to our customer support team and learn about our business evaluation services.

    Which documents do you need for a business appraisal?

    The appraiser may ask for the following documents at the time of company valuation:

    • The balance sheets, profit, and loss statements, and tax returns for the past five years.
    • The balance sheets of the present year and interim P&L statements.
    • Copy of forecasts and upcoming projects, if applicable.
    • In addition to the above three requirements, the valuators might also seek information about the goods and services that the company offers, its assets and liabilities, and professional reports (if any).
    What business valuation methods can you opt for?

    Mainly there are three methods or approaches to business evaluation, namely:

    Asset-based approach

    The asset-based approach works by calculating the value of your company’s total assets. This approach, however, does not take into account parameters like the business’s total earnings, cash flow, and other factors.
    You can estimate the value of your company using the asset-based method by establishing the fair market value of all the assets (tangible and intangible) that your firm holds. That includes assets like inventory and equipment, accounts and invoices, real estate, and more. Upon obtaining the current market value of all your assets, you can deduct the company’s liabilities from it to derive the net asset value.
    The asset valuation approach is ideal for such businesses that have huge numbers of assets, for instance, manufacturing firms. Also, it is the go-to valuation method for such companies that aren’t making profits but hold a large number of assets.

    Earnings approach

    The earnings approach is highly sought after among all business valuation methods. It calculates the value of an entity by studying its past, present, and potential future earnings.
    This approach to business appraisal is popular, in particular, among publicly traded companies since their financial information is readily available.
    To find the value of a firm using the earnings method, you can assess its future earnings and discount them to the present valuation. However, you’ll need to make sure the rate of discount reflects the risks involved in the cash flows of the business.

    Market value approach

    The market value approach draws a picture of what a prospective buyer might be willing to pay for your business. And to do so, it takes into account factors like the existing market conditions, the entity’s fiscal records, its market position and competitiveness, and intangible assets like the brand value.
    A method such as this can be used to evaluate both private and public entities. For a private firm, there are a number of indices that you can use, including earnings multiples and comparable sales data. At the same time, you can factor in the current share prices of a public firm to establish its market value.
    If you’re looking for a business valuation method that is simple to use and understand, this should be apt for your needs.

    How much does a business evaluation cost?

    Finding the true worth of your business is crucial, and that’s where comprehensive company valuation might cross your mind.
    Coming to the cost of the exercise, appraisers will mostly quote you two rate types, an hourly charge, and a fixed charge. Typically, the cost of business evaluation can range anywhere from $5000 to $50,000 depending on your entity’s size, the industry of operation, and the purpose of the appraisal. While the cost of business valuation services in Dallas may vary, you can expect to pay in the above range.

    How long will it take to evaluate your company?

    A certified business appraisal expert in Dallas can take up to two weeks to conduct an in-depth company valuation.
    To learn about the approximate time frame of appraisal for your Dallas business, you can reach out to our valuation experts

    Is there any shortcoming of business evaluation?

    One of the major shortcomings of business evalution is that it can be subject to dispute and also be rejected. Further, when it
    comes to the price justification test, an appraisal report faces yet another challenge. The test is used to establish whether or not the cash flow of a business is sufficient to cover debt, taxes, and also ROI to the

    Should you pay for a business valuation report or go for free sources?

    A business evaluation is a critical exercise to factually establish the real worth of your company. And answering a few questions online on free sources will never equip you with reliable information for the same.
    At the same time, if you seek paid services from an established appraisal firm or a seasoned expert, they’ll not only provide you with the right and detailed information but also assist you in making better decisions. So for any business appraisal services in Dallas, don’t hesitate to reach out to us. We’ll provide you with a free consultation and discuss your requirements and our solutions.

    Can company valuation throw up multiple values?

    Yes, there can be multiple results when you value your company over a period of time. And that’s exactly why it is also important to factor in how much a willing buyer will pay when trying to derive value for your firm.
    As such, a company’s valuation can vary based on a strategic buyer who’s aware of its expanded value vs. based on a prospective buyer unaware of the increase. But if you wish to know more about business appraisal in Utah, feel free to hop on a call with our team. We can fix a free consultation for you and discuss, in depth, about your requirements or issues.

    What qualifications should you look for in a business appraiser?

    Ideally, you should look for experts with designations of Accredited Senior Appraiser (ASA) or Certified Company Appraiser (CCA), as they can create legally enforceable estimates for your company. Also, you can seek the services of persons with credentials like Accredited in Business Valuation (ABV) or Certified Valuation Analyst (CVA). Looking for one such appraiser to conduct your Dallas business valuation? You can get in touch with our support team!

    Is the date of estimation important?

    A business estimation is all but an approximation of the value of your entity as of a certain date. And even though the value of a company is influenced by various factors (both internal and external), an estimation is taken into account only as of the date it was finalized.

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