Your Trusted Firm for Business Valuation in Houston for Accurately Assessing Your Business’s Value

Your Trusted Firm for Business Valuation in Houston for Accurately Assessing Your Business’s Value

Highest Rated and Most Reviewed Valuation Firm in the United States

Preserve Your Wealth Through Professional Estate Planning

With reliable business valuation in Houston; you can plan your estate effectively while minimizing your tax liabilities at the same time.

We calculate accurate fair market value (FMV) of your business, ensuring that your estate is distributed equitably and efficiently and avoid disputes among your heirs and beneficiaries.

You can also use the valuation of your business to effectively plan for gift and estate taxes, charitable donations, as well as succession planning.

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people discussing Business Valuation

people discussing Business Valuation

Ensure Tax Compliance with Reliable Business Valuation in Houston

An accurate business valuation helps you comply with tax laws and regulations. Business valuation offers you insight into your business’s fair market value.

FMV enables you to optimize your tax strategy by determining the appropriate tax basis, depreciation, amortization, and capital gains or losses. You can also use it to support your tax filings, audits, appeals, and litigation.

Navigate Legal Challenges With Litigation Support

Our Houston business valuations help you support your claim and defend your position in legal matters, such as divorce, breach of contract, shareholder disputes, etc.

You can leverage your business valuation in Houston to negotiate a fair settlement or reach a favourable verdict.

You can also use it for expert testimony, damage analysis, and forensic accounting to support your claim.

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Leverage Houston Business Valuation for Mergers and Acquisitions

One of the major benefits of our business valuation services in Houston is that we help you in mergers and acquisitions.

Our accurate valuation figures help you negotiate the best deal and assess the synergies and risks of potential mergers or acquisitions.

Our premier business valuation in Houston also helps you determine the optimal price, terms, the optimal structure of the transaction, as well as perform due diligence, financial modeling, and integration planning.

Our Proven 5-Step Process


Initial Consultation & Engagement Letter

We arrange a free initial consultation to have a thorough discussion with you to understand your goals and needs and gather all the necessary information.
We then present you with an engagement letter that outlines the scope of our services, expected timeline, fee structure, and confidentiality terms.


In-depth &
Tailored Valuation

Our team of experts analyzes your business’s financial performance by thoroughly examining your income statements, balance sheet, and cash flow.
After this, our experts evaluate the most suitable valuation approach and evaluate your business’s fair market value.


Report Preparation &
Client Review

We compile a comprehensive valuation report that includes our findings, justification for the selected methodology, the valuation process details, assumptions, and the influencing factors.
We provide you with the report for review, address any questions or concerns you may have, and make any necessary adjustments.


Post-Valuation Consultation & Assistance

Our professionals offer you their expert insight on how to improve your business’s performance and increase its value.
We also help you address any challenges that we may have identified during your business’s valuation process.


Ongoing Support &

Our commitment extends beyond your valuation report. We offer your ongoing support, like assistance in negotiations or litigation support.
We stay in constant contact with you to monitor your progress, assess the impact of our recommendations, and provide support when necessary.

Our Team of Experts Offers Diverse Business Valuation Services

At Arrowfish Consulting, our team of seasoned ASAs, CVAs, CPAs, CFAs, MBAs, economists, financial analysts, forensic accountants, and expert witnesses, boasting a collective experience of over 200 years, is dedicated to delivering tailored solutions for a range of independent, top-tier, business valuation services.

Transactions / Mergers & Acquisitions

  • Buying or Selling a Business
  • Management Planning
  • Buy/Sell Agreements

Tax Compliance and IRS Reporting

  • Estate Planning and Gift Tax
  • Family Limited Partnerships (FLPs)
  • Income Tax

Financial Reporting

  • Goodwill Impairment Testing
  • Purchase Price Allocation
  • Employee Stock Option Plan Valuation (ESOP)
  • Complex Securities Valuations
  • Identification and Valuation of Intangible Assets

Bankruptcy or Restructuring

  • Solvency Analysis
  • Valuations for Lender Support

Why Choose Arrowfish?



We have constantly proved ourselves by consistently delivering that not only meet but exceed your expectations. Our commitment is reflected in our results, not our words.
We use cutting-edge tools, technology, and industry best practices, to ensure utmost accuracy in our work, something you can rely on.



With over two centuries of collective industry experience, we bring unparalleled expertise in business valuation services in Houston and other financial services across various industries.
Our work across various industries and client backgrounds equips us with the knowledge and expertise necessary to handle any challenge we may face down the road and come on top on the other end.



Our reputation for professionalism and excellence is not a mere claim—it’s well earned accolade.
We have gained the positive feedback of our clients and established long-term relationships that are built on trust, respect, and reliability, demonstrating our commitment to deliver excellence.



Protecting your confidential information is our top priority. We handle all your sensitive information with the utmost care and description when we handle your case.
We do it for the sole purpose: to make sure that you can rest assured that your confidential information is in safe hands and will be treated with the highest care and security.


Personalized Approach

We recognize the uniqueness of each case that we handle. To ensure that you get the best results, we tailor our approach to your specific needs and circumstances.
Through extensive research and collaborative efforts, we craft a personalized plan that addresses your concerns and efficiently gets you the reliable results that you need.

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    Frequently asked questions

    What is a business valuation, and how does it work?

    Business valuation Houston is the process of determining how much your business is worth. In the process, we consider all the details and intricacies of your company to arrive at its final, fair market value (FMV).
    There are various approaches that can be used to appraise your business based on various factors, like the nature of your business, industry, etc.

    These methodologies include the asset approach, market approach, and income approach.

    How long does a business valuation usually take?

    The typical timeline for a business valuation in Houston is 3 to 6 weeks, but it depends on your specific case. It can vary as it is often influenced by factors such as data availability, business size, scope, client cooperation, and workload.

    How much does a business valuation cost?

    Business valuation process is a complex process, and its cost fluctuates based on the type and level of service required, the nature and the size of the business, the scope and complexity of the case, and the reputation of the firm.

    Typically, the cost of business valuation Houston can range from 5000 to 25000+, based on your business. We recommend that you get in touch with our team to get a free quote and plan accordingly.

    What are the different methods of business valuation?

    Among other methods, there are three primary methods of valuation that are widely used: the income approach, the market approach, and the asset approach.

    The income approach assesses future cash flows of your business, the market approach evaluates your business by comparing it to similar businesses that have been sold in the market, and the asset approach values your business based on the value of its net assets.

    What are some factors that affect the value of a business?

    There are numerous factors that can influence the value of your business. These influencing factors include:

    • Financial Health
    • Growth Potential
    • Market Position
    • Industry Trends
    • Customer Loyalty
    • Management
    • Product Quality
    • Intellectual Property
    • Legal Matters
    • Economic Conditions

    These are some of the factors that influence the value of your business. These factors can have either a positive or negative effect on your business value, depending on how they are perceived by buyers and investors.

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    Without a doubt, opting for a business valuation Houston is one of the wisest decisions you can make for your business.

    Whether you are thinking about buying, selling, merging, or investing in a business, we’ve got your back.

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