Forensic Accountant from Dallas for Expert Witness Testimony

Forensic Accountant from Dallas for Expert Witness Testimony

Uncovering financial crimes through data analysis, transaction tracing, litigation support, and expert testimony to provide clarity and actionable insights.

Something About Arrowfish

Arrowfish Consulting is your go-to for economic and financial analysis. Our team, with a collective experience of over 200 years, specializes in economic damages, business valuation, forensic accounting, corporate bankruptcy, insurance claims, and management consulting.

From Salt Lake City to San Diego, Las Vegas to Washington, D.C., we’ve got you covered. Our diverse experts, including PhD Economists, MBA’s, CPA’s, CFE’s, CFA’s, ASA’s, and CIRA’s, ensure top-notch service wherever you are. We bring big-firm experience without the big-firm hassle.

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    Our Forensic Accountant From Dallas Helps With


    Employee and Business Fraud Investigations

    • Evaluation Fraud and Ensuring Confidentiality
    • Interviews and documentation
    • Evidence-Gathering and Evaluation
    • Preparation of Report and Possible Remedies


    Shareholder and Partner Disputes

    • Analyzing Individual and Group Shares in Depth
    • Determination of Potential Breach of Contract
    • Intimation of Negotiation or Mediation
    • Assistance with Exit Negotiation and Agreement


    Corporate Bankruptcy Proceedings

    • Identification of Potential Red Flags in Company Accounts
    • Tracking Down Asset and Fund Movement
    • Assistance with Court Proceedings
    • Presentation of Findings to Court as An Expert Witness


    Corporate Insurance Claims

    • Appintentment of an Expert Surveyor
    • Assessment of Losses
    • Preparation and Submission of the Report
    • Claim Scrutiny and Assistance with Settlement

    Jeremiah Grant – Arrowfish’s Leader

    Jeremiah Grant, the Managing Partner at Arrowfish Consulting, is a seasoned expert specializing in business valuation, economic damages, forensic accounting, and insurance claims analysis. With a distinguished career that began at PricewaterhouseCoopers in 1998, Grant’s expertise extends to international arenas, having worked on cases in the US, Jordan, Brazil, Hong Kong, and India.

    Holding an MBA with an emphasis in Finance and Strategy, he graduated in the top 3% of his class from the Marriott School of Management. Grant, a Certified Valuation Analyst (CVA) and Commercial Lines Coverage Specialist (CLCS), has testified dozens of times in State and Federal Courts globally.


    Process To Work With Our Forensic Accountant in Dallas



    Our initial consultation is free of charge. Herein, you can explain your requirements to our forensic accounting expert, who’ll then walk you through our services and the best course of action.



    We will coordinate with you or your company’s representative to prepare a letter of engagement. Thereafter, we’ll seek relevant documents with details for your company’s finances, assets, etc., for examination.



    After finalizing the paperwork, we will begin our analysis. We will go through every nitty gritty of your firm’s finances, audit its accounts, and detect fraud or wrongdoing (if any).



    We will prepare an audit report detailing the company’s accounts and our findings. Also, we will schedule a meeting to explain our study, answer your questions, and assist you with further processes.

    Client Testimonials

    Jeremiah’s specialized business insights have significantly improved Business Improvement Group’s capacities.


    David Teller

    National Procurement Manager at Dyno Nobel

    Thank you for the amazing experience I had working with you. I look forward to collaborating with you soon.


    Hector L. Sandoval

    Attorney at Roven-Kaplan, LLP

    Jeremiah’s team is highly efficient in dispute litigations with millions of dollars in question.


    Scott Hansen

    Partner at Stoel Rives, LLP

    Mr Grant’s analysis and testimony are simply top-notch when it comes to expert witness.

    Jeff Tillotson

    Jeff Tillotson

    Founder of Tillotson Law

    Your dedicated follow-ups ensure we’re on the right track. Thank you for that, Jeremiah.

    Claudia Gneiting

    Claudia Gneiting

    Director of Finance & Accounting at American Express

    Frequently Asked Questions

    How much does a forensic accountant in Dallas charge?

    The fees for forensic accounting services in Dallas can vary based on several factors. Typically, the charges range between $150 and $600 per hour. The pricing is influenced by the complexity of the case, the reputation of the forensic accounting firm, and the experience level of the professionals involved.

    Which regions does your company operate in?

    Our forensic accounting services extend beyond Dallas, covering key metropolitan areas:

    We are dedicated to serving our clients with expert financial investigation and analysis in these diverse regions.

    What qualifications do your forensic accountants from Dallas have?

    Our team of forensic accountants in Dallas boasts a wealth of qualifications and experience. Leading the way is our principal forensic accountant, who holds prestigious credentials, including:

    • National Association of Forensic Economists (NAFE)
    • American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA)
    • Nevada Society of Certified Public Accountants (NSCPA)
    • Association of Certified Fraud Examiners (ACFE)
    • American Academy of Economic and Financial Experts (AAEFE) – Board member from 2004 to 2008
    • Collegium of Pecuniary Damages Experts – Treasurer (CPDE)
    • Nevada State Bar –Fee Dispute Arbitrator and Mediator

    These qualifications ensure that our forensic accountants are well-equipped to handle a wide range of financial investigations with the utmost professionalism and expertise.

    What information is needed during the forensic accounting process?

    In the forensic accounting process, we require comprehensive financial records, transaction details, corroborating documents, and relevant contextual information. Clear communication and collaboration with involved parties enhance the effectiveness of our analysis in uncovering financial irregularities.

    How is a forensic accountant different from a traditional accountant?

    While traditional accountants focus on routine financial tasks and compliance, forensic accountants specialize in uncovering financial irregularities and fraud. Our forensic accountants bring a unique set of skills to the table, including evidence gathering, case analysis, and report preparation. Distinct from their traditional counterparts, forensic accountants play a pivotal role i

    What types of cases do your forensic accountants in Dallas handle?

    Our forensic accountants in Dallas handle a diverse spectrum of cases, including but not limited to:

    • Financial fraud investigations
    • Asset misappropriation
    • Employee embezzlement
    • Contract disputes
    • Shareholder disputes
    • Matrimonial and family law cases
    • Insurance claims and fraud
    • Bankruptcy proceedings

    Our expertise extends to financial evaluations, evidence collection, and providing expert witness testimony across various legal contexts. We are committed to delivering comprehensive and effective forensic accounting solutions tailored to the unique needs of each case.

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