Personal Injury Damages

The forensic economists and economic loss experts at Arrowfish Consulting have provided their assistance as expert witnesses in literally hundreds of cases involving personal injury, wrongful death and wrongful termination. Whether you represent the plaintiff or the defendant in a personal injury or wrongful death case, you probably already know that an experienced economic damages expert witness can be invaluable in providing an independent, detailed analysis of the claim at hand and articulating a reliable, understandable opinion of the economic damages.

Our forensic economists can determine the economic damages associated with a personal injury or wrongful death matter by independently and reliably quantifying the economic loss associated with lost earnings and benefits, future medical expenses and even loss of household services. Our forensic economists and wage loss experts can also provide expert witness services related to the economic damages in a wrongful termination or employment matter.

Where such matters involve earnings from self-employment or privately owned businesses, we are able to leverage the specialized accounting knowledge of our forensic accountants and CPAs in order to complete our economic loss valuation.

Our responsive team of forensic economists will work closely with you and your litigation team throughout the entire process from discovery to mediation and, if necessary, trial. Our documentation, independent analysis and extensive experience will provide a reliable foundation for establishing the economic damages in your personal injury, wrongful death or wrongful termination case. Because we use consistent, conventional methods, our economic loss experts are able to reliably provide expert witness services for both plaintiffs and defendants.

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