Seasoned Expert in Personal Injury Damages & Claims

Seasoned Expert in Personal Injury Damages & Claims

Effective Claims & Swift Resolution It’s commonplace for personal injury claims to languish for months, if not years, in the absence of reliable information. Worse, the insurance company might reject your claim. Our forensic economists and economic loss experts can help you precisely quantify the economic damages resulting from a personal injury, wrongful death, or […]

Effective Claims & Swift Resolution

It’s commonplace for personal injury claims to languish for months, if not years, in the absence of reliable information. Worse, the insurance company might reject your claim.

Our forensic economists and economic loss experts can help you precisely quantify the economic damages resulting from a personal injury, wrongful death, or wrongful termination.

We document and analyze the true extent of loss, examining the nitty gritty of even such details that may not involve major financial losses but might impact your case significantly.

We will work closely with you and your attorney for personal injury, providing solid and irrefutable data for both mediation and litigation.

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Expert Witness for Compelling Lawsuit

Did you know that around 5 percent of all personal injury cases end up in court?

Even though less likely, the prospects of daunting trials with lengthy questioning can be a nightmare.

We coordinate with your legal team to fine-tune the damage claims and eliminate any margin of error, ensuring that your litigation is indisputable.

Our CPAs are also qualified expert witnesses with extensive experience, having testified in hundreds of personal injury litigations. And they can present to the court the details of economic damages and non-economic impairments resulting from the injury.

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Speedy Compensation with Accurate Earnings Loss Evaluation

Wrongful termination and losses incurred in self-employment are the two main causes of loss of earnings.

We help you stake damage claims successfully and get adequate compensation in due time.
Our expert in personal injury damages is also a forensic accounting specialist who can furnish wage loss data with 100 percent accuracy. Also, together with our business valuation experts, we can conduct a comprehensive economic loss valuation for your privately owned business.

Our accounting and valuation reports are legally recognized and even admissible in court. So be it a court hearing or an out-of-court settlement, we’ve got you covered.

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Why Hire an Economic Loss Expert in Personal Injury Damages?

While a personal injury can cause unimagined distress to you or your close ones, a delay or denial of damage claims only adds to the pain and suffering.
An expert in economic loss can work closely with your lawyer and conduct detailed personal injury damages analysis in instances involving:


Economic Damages

Economic damages resulting from a personal injury can be anywhere from medical bills to loss of wages to disability costs to damaged property, and more. Also, it can include funeral expenses in cases involving the demise of a family member. An economic loss expert can help you determine the exact monetary loss incurred and prepare a report for claim purposes.


Non-economic Damages

Non-economic damages include such losses that aren’t financial in nature but can significantly affect the victims. Physical pain and emotional distress caused by the injury, including depression, anxiety, mental breakdown, etc., are some instances. Although difficult to calculate, a forensic economist can establish and document the extent of the damage for compensation.


Punitive Damages

You can claim punitive damages if your losses result from fraudulent, malicious, or grossly negligent behavior of involved parties. This is over and above the monetary and non-monetary losses and includes instances such as fraudulent employment termination, neglect of claims, etc. A loss expert can accurately calculate the damage and document it for court filing.


Expert testimony

Be it mediation or court proceedings, damage claims can be hard to justify. Even with all your calculations of damage and loss, mediators or judges might ask for substantiated information. Loss experts are also CPAs which allows them to not only furnish their damage assessments in legal hearings but also testify for you as personal injury expert witness.


Legal assistance

Not only do reports prepared by a loss expert carry legal validation, but they also serve as evidence of damage. This allows economic loss experts to collaborate with your legal team and aid the overall claim process by creating credible reports detailing the loss.

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How do we aid your personal damage claim?

With over two centuries of collective experience, forensic economists and loss experts at Arrowfish Consulting are acclaimed gurus of the accounting industry.

We’ve worked with hundreds of individuals and organizations to provide them with reliable data on injury damage. And we can proudly boast that all the personal injury claims we assisted with got resolved sooner rather than later.

We understand that personal injury damages involve a great deal of physical and mental agony, unlike regular damage claims. And that’s exactly why empathy is at the core of our approach to personal injury cases.

Our team of economists and claims experts works alongside you and your personal injury attorney as reliable partners. So you can rest assured of a quick turnaround time, a dependable loss assessment, and a fair compensation.

Our Simple 6-step Process of Personal Injury Damages Analysis


Primary Consultation

We schedule a consultation meet with your or your legal team to fully understand the situation at hand. This helps us come up with the right strategy and develop a plan of action for your damage evaluation.


Letter of Engagement

Engagement letter details various aspects of our collaboration, including the scope and charges of our services. Also, this letter plays a vital role in court hearings, allowing our CPAs to appear as expert witnesses.



We assess the damage and the losses resulting from a personal injury and calculate its monetary value for the claim. We’ll engage you through conversations to examine both economic and non-economic aspects of the damage.



We work closely with your personal injury claim lawyer to compile a detailed report documenting the losses. Our specialized methods of loss valuation go hand in hand with your legal documents, complementing your injury claim.


Expert Testimony

As a seasoned witness and expert in personal injury damages, our CPA knows exactly what it takes for a judge or mediator to fully understand your case. And they present their damage evaluation in the simplest way possible.


Follow Up

Our work doesn’t end after report filing and expert testimony. We walk the extra mile to follow up with you or your attorney on a regular basis, and our team is always available for subsequent hearings and add-on reports.

Frequently asked questions

What are personal injury damages?

Generally speaking, personal injury damage is a financial award that a person receives as compensation for the harm and injury caused by another person or party.

Also, the term ‘damage’ here denotes the actual harm or injury that a person has suffered. Meaning ‘damage’ can point to both the injury and the compensation amount claimed/received for the same.

Now, physical injury damages aren’t confined to physical harm alone. That’s because you can claim injury damages for both physical injury as well as its emotional impact. Furthermore, these damages are also applicable to any harm caused by an individual or entity to your movable and immovable property.

What are the types of personal injury damages?

As we just saw, physical injury damages can be claimed for physical, metal, and material damage.

When it comes to legal/technical application, the damages can be divided into three sub-types, namely:

Economic Damages

Economic damages denote the direct monetary losses that someone might have incurred as a result of injury and include:

  • Medical Bills: This is the most common compensation that’s awarded in a personal injury case. And not only does this include the existing medical costs but also the future medical expenses. Also, medical compensation includes post-treatment rehabilitation costs.
  • Loss of wage: I’s possible a victim might lose their job or go unpaid during the period of recovery from the injury. As such, damages include monetary compensation for lost wages.
  • Property damages: A personal injury victim might have incurred damages to their property too. Take a car accident victim, for instance.
    Damage claims include provisions for fair market value compensation for repair or replacement of the damaged property.
  • Disability costs: An injury can result in disability, significantly altering the victim’s lifestyle. So compensation, in this case, will include all the costs associated with disability-related changes like home renovations for wheelchair accessibility, nursing and care expenses, etc.
  • Funeral expense: If a personal injury results in death, family members can seek compensation for the costs incurred for the funeral.

Non-economic damages:

These are such damages that aren’t physical injuries but are directly associated with them. And they include the following:

  • Pain and suffering: Injuries can result in physical pain as well as emotional distress. So much so that victims can feel frustrated, anxious, depressed, etc. In fact, a person can even suffer from an outright mental breakdown. In such situations, victims can indeed claim personal injury damages.
  • Loss of consortium: A personal injury is directly linked to broken relationships, such as separation or divorce. This can, too, cause emotional distress and suffering, making it a ground for rightful compensation.
  • Punitive Damages

    Punitive damages are different from the above two damage claims and involve a court-awarded damage compensation for victims in certain situations.

    For instance, if a party deliberately ignores or delays your compensation with fraudulent or malicious intent, they’re liable for damages over and above the economic and non-economic compensation.

    What are the personal injury damages in cases involving wrongful death?

    Wrongful death as a result of personal injury occurs when an injury victim dies as a result of the injury. In such cases, the defendant is liable to pay damages to the next of kin. And these damages cover anywhere from medical bills to emotional distress to loss of financial contribution to the loss of companionship to funeral expenses.

    A personal injury expert can help you quantify the injury damages for a deceased family member and help you receive swift compensation.

    Is a victim eligible for compensation under wrongful termination?

    Yes, they are.
    There have been instances where a victim of personal injury has been fired by the employer owing to the injury. This is wrongful termination, and the employer is liable to pay the wrongfully terminated employee to the tune of their salary in order to compensate for the loss of earnings.
    However, an employee is not eligible for compensation if they’re faking/falsifying their injury. On the contrary, the employee might face legal consequences for FMLA abuse in such a situation.

    Do I need a personal injury lawyer?

    Hiring a personal injury lawyer is a good way to not only expedite the damage claim process but also to ensure that your claim is not wrongfully delayed or denied.
    An injury lawyer can help you throughout the legal proceedings, including mediation sessions and court hearings.

    Why hire an economic loss expert in personal injury damages?

    An economic loss expert can aid the process of damage claims unlike any other. They are specialized economists with extensive knowledge in forensic accounting, an expertise that comes in handy for preparing a solid and irrefutable report with monetary loss details.

    Not to mention, a forensic economist expert in personal injury can even conduct loss accounting for non-economic damages, such as the emotional impact of the injury.

    Looking for one such expert?

    You can get in touch with us!

    At Arrowfish Consulting, we’re the most seasoned forensic economists with experience spanning hundreds of successful personal injury claims.
    Book a free consultation session and learn the right approach to claim your rightful personal injury compensation.

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