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Summary of Presentations Available

Although this portion of our site is currently under construction, we are certainly happy to discuss our various CLE presentations with you. Simply contact us and let us know what sort of presentation you’re looking for.  We can either adapt a presentation we already have or create one for your specific needs.  Our experts are happy to then come to your office at a time of your choosing to present. Our presentations include topics such as: How to Critique a Lost Profits Damages Calcula...

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Discounted 2022 Business Reference Guides

2022 Business Reference Guides by Tom West. You can purchase the 2022 Business Reference Guide directly from Arrowfish at a price of $10 below MSRP.  Shipping costs and terms will be identical to those available through  All business reference guides ship within two business days after the date of order and then ship according to the speed you select. Just use the appropriate PayPal button below to make a secure payment directly through PayPal.  Since the transaction takes pla...

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Forensic Accountants: Why, When and How to Hire Th...

Nothing makes a person angrier than the thought of being cheated, robbed or otherwise financially hurt by the actions of another. Many civil lawsuits arise out of this basic desire to reclaim what one perceives he or she has unjustly lost, but it’s not always easy to define or measure the financial loss. Although it is often the job of an attorney to prove or disprove liability, the important task of investigating and quantifying the financial loss normally requires the expertise of a forensic...

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