Reliable Forensic Accounting in Denver to Investigate White-Collar Crime

Reliable Forensic Accounting in Denver to Investigate White-Collar Crime

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    Tax Fraud Detection

    Services like forensic accounting in Denver are very critical in cases of identifying tax fraud. Such a situation arises when an individual or a business makes false claims about their financial data, resulting in them paying much lower taxes or none at all. However, forensic accountants are experienced enough to track the earnings of individuals or businesses and determine whether they are making false claims. This is very important in reducing tax evasion and ensuring that individuals or businesses are held accountable for their actions. Additionally, when accused of tax fraud, an individual or a business may also resort to the help of a forensic accountant to help prove their innocence.

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    Detecting Public Equity Fraud

    Public equity fraud or securities fraud is a form of investment fraud where individuals or businesses deceive people into making investments or purchases based on false information or promises, leading to financial losses. Forensic accountants can help investors prove that the fraud took place, enabling them to seek legal action or recover their lost money. In some cases, investors may not pursue legal action but rely on forensic accountants to help recover some or all of their investments. Forensic accountants are vital in ensuring accountability and protecting investors’ financial interests.

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    Tracing Money

    Forensic accountants are experienced enough to trace potentially illegal money. Situations like money laundering do make it difficult to trace back the money, but expert accountants do possess the analytical and accounting skills to trace it through various small accounts, getting to know about its origin and confirming if it’s legal or illegal. They play a critical role in detecting illegal financial activities, preventing money laundering, and maintaining financial integrity. Even if the money were not illegal, they can still trace it to help individuals or businesses concerning financial matters.

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    Resolving Family and Marital Disputes

    Fraud within families or marriages can cause significant financial damage, such as when a spouse hides assets or steals money from their partner. Forensic accounting services can help individuals detect and quantify any fraud within their families or marriages. This allows individuals to identify the extent of the problem and seek a solution, whether it’s through legal action or mediation. Forensic accountants can also serve as expert witnesses in legal proceedings and help resolve financial disputes between family members.

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    Recover from Major Business Losses with Reliable Forensic Accounting in Denver

    Forensic accounting services are crucial in helping businesses and individuals recover from significant economic setbacks, including bankruptcy. Forensic accountants can investigate and identify any foul play or fraudulent activities that may have contributed to economic loss. Moreover, they can help develop new strategies for businesses or individuals going forward to avoid similar problems. Forensic accountants are also useful in proving that a business or individual did everything by the book when being blamed for a significant economic setback.

    So if you seek forensic accounting in Denver, don’t hesitate to reach out to our team. They have the experience and expertise to help you in diverse situations, but also, they have the expertise, just like any other specialist, in a specific circumstance as well.

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    Finding Hidden or Misappropriated Assets

    Misappropriation of assets can cause significant financial harm to a business, including embezzlement, payroll fraud, and fraudulent billing. Forensic accountants can help identify any misappropriation of assets, preventing fraudulent activities from continuing and keeping businesses accountable. Forensic accountants are also useful in uncovering hidden assets that individuals or businesses may leave off their balance sheets to hide from others. This is critical in ensuring that businesses and individuals are transparent and accountable for their financial activities.

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    Exposing False Insurance Claims

    False insurance claims are common and often difficult to disprove, such as claims related to stolen cars, minor car accidents, and staged fires. Forensic accounting services can help insurance companies investigate and identify any false claims, preventing fraudulent activities from continuing. Forensic accountants carefully analyze the facts related to the claim, enabling them to determine whether the claim is legitimate or fraudulent. This helps insurance companies prevent fraudulent activities and ensure that only legitimate claims are paid out, protecting their financial interests.

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    Business Valuation Denver

    Business Valuation Denver

    About Arrowfish

    Arrowfish Consulting is a highly respected and sought after forensic accounting firm. With nearly 200 years of combined experience, we offer the experience and know-how that you cannot always find at other firms. Our lead forensic accountant is both a CPA and a Certified Fraud Examiner whose career began in the Dispute Analysis and Investigations group of Coopers & Lybrand. His deep expertise and training in forensic accounting services is a perfect complement to the multidisciplinary expertise of our other team members that include PhDs, MBAs, forensic economists, financial analysts, business appraisers, corporate bankruptcy experts and management consultants.

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    7-Step Process for Forensic Accounting In Denver


    Initial Consultation

    We arrange an initial consultation to gain a comprehensive understanding of your requirements, apprehensions, and objectives. This allows us to assess if our services align with your needs and expectations.


    Engagement Letter

    Once you are ready to proceed, we will craft an engagement letter that clearly outlines the scope of work, fees, and other essential terms and conditions.


    Data Collection

    We gather all pertinent financial documents and data. This includes bank statements, invoices, receipts, tax returns, and much more. It is to ensure that we have all the necessary information.



    Our expert forensic accountants meticulously examine financial data to detect any discrepancies, anomalies, or suspicious activities that may indicate potential fraud. We provide you with a broad analysis to help you take appropriate action.



    We prepare a detailed report that outlines our findings, conclusions, and recommendations, which we present to you in a clear and concise manner. The report is well-explained so you won’t face any problems.


    Expert Witness

    If required, we also provide expert witness testimony in court or arbitration hearings, based on our forensic accounting findings. We provide such services in cases of business and accounting valuation, and even divorce cases.



    We provide ongoing support to the client to help implement our recommendations and to prevent similar issues from occurring in the future.

    Our Forensic Accountant in Denver provides extensive forensic accounting services, including


    Employee and business fraud investigations

    • Evaluation fraud and ensuring confidentiality
    • Interviews and documentation
    • Evidence-gathering and evaluation
    • Preparation of report and possible remedies

    Shareholder and partner disputes

    • A thorough analysis of individual and group shares in question
    • Determination of potential breach of contract
    • Intimation of negotiation or mediation
    • Assistance with exit negotiation and agreement


    Corporate bankruptcy proceedings

    • Identification of potential red flags in company accounts
    • Tracking down asset and fund movement
    • Assistance with court proceedings
    • Presentation of findings to court as an expert witness

    Corporate insurance claims

    • Appintentment of an expert surveyor
    • Assessment of losses
    • Preparation and submission of the report
    • Claim scrutiny and assistance with settlement


    Commercial damages

    • Analysis of loss claims
    • Establishment of exact value diminution
    • Preparation of expert report for arbitration
    • Expert testimony in state and federal courts

    Matrimonial disputes and divorce

    • Tracing both tangible and intangible assets
    • Valuation of all assets
    • Assistance with tax matters
    • Expert witness


    Personal injury claims

    • Case analysis
    • Evaluation of loss of earnings
    • Opinion and assistance with legal proceedings
    • Evidence presentation and expert witness in the court

    Why Choose Arrowfish for Forensic Accounting in Denver?



    Experience is irreplaceable. Our team has over 200 years of expertise and 20+ qualifications, along with advanced degrees.


    Reliable Analysis

    Our analysis stands out with its solid conclusions and easy-to-understand format. But let’s ask ourselves, is speed or accuracy more crucial in getting the job done?



    You can rely on our team to promptly attend to your needs. It sets us apart from our competitors and helps build lasting relationships with our valued clients.


    Personal Service

    Our commitment to you goes beyond just being a customer. We make it our priority to provide personalized attention that assures you are our top priority.


    Energy & Passion

    The passion with which we work drives us to exceed your expectations and deliver results tailored to your needs. We work with the highest level of professionalism and enthusiasm.

    Frequently asked questions

    What is Forensic Accounting?

    Forensic accounting is a specialized branch of accounting that applies accounting, auditing, and investigative skills to legal issues. It involves using financial analysis techniques to detect fraudulent activities, financial irregularities, and other financial crimes.

    Forensic accountants are experts in analyzing financial data, spotting patterns of fraud or misconduct, and providing testimony in court cases. They work closely with law enforcement agencies, attorneys, and other professionals to investigate financial crimes such as embezzlement, money laundering, and securities fraud.

    Looking for forensic accounting in Colorado? We can help you with it. Our team has a combined experience of 200 years and our lead forensic accountant is both CPA and CFE certified, so rest assured you are trusting someone with both experience and expertise.

    What does a forensic accountant do?

    Forensic accountants combine their knowledge of accounting and auditing with their investigative skills to examine financial data for legal matters. Such professionals are most needed in cases pertaining to financial fraud, embezzlement, and any other financial crime.

    They make use of their expertise and knowledge in accounting and finance and help in identifying irregularities in financial transactions and records. Not just this, as mentioned in the previous question, they are also looked upon to provide services as expert testimony in court cases related to financial matters.

    Shifting the focus from financial records, they also take part in interviews with individuals involved in the case, scrutinize the legal documents/papers, and work closely with a law enforcement agency. They assist in asset recovery that is either misappropriated or has been stolen.

    So, in a nutshell, forensic accountants provide an objective analysis of financial data that is used as evidence in legal cases or matters. Their work is extremely important when trying to uncover financial crimes and holding individuals accountable for their actions.

    In what sort of disputes should I consult a Forensic Accountant in Denver?

    The following is a list of situations where you would require a forensic accountant:

    Who needs the services of a forensic accountant?

    Broadly speaking, there are various groups of clients who would possibly require the services of a forensic accountant:

    • Corporation: A corporation may employ a forensic accountant regarding investigations into suspected fraud or embezzlement by either an employee or executive. In such cases, forensic accountants help the company reduce financial crime through the identification of weaknesses in internal control and recommending improvements.
    • Government Agency: An important client, law enforcement agency, regulatory body, or any other government organization type may need the services of a forensic accountant, majorly for financial crimes like tax evasion, money laundering, corruption, and more.
    • Attorneys: Forensic accountants are a popular request for layers/attorneys wherein they help with litigation involving financial disputes or fraud allegations. They provide expert testimony in court proceedings and help lawyers in building a very strong case.
    • Individuals: It’s not necessary that only large companies or certified professionals need a forensic accounting service. Even individuals require a forensic accountant to help with cases such as divorce proceedings, inheritance disputes, or insurance claims involving suspected fraud.

    If you are looking for top forensic accounting firms in Denver, Arrowfish is definitely amongst the top trusted ones. Feel free to contact our team and we can set up a free consultation for you, no obligation-driven.

    Who is a CPA? And, how are they different from forensic accountants?

    Certified Public Accountants (CPAs) are licensed accountants who have passed the Uniform Certified Public Accountant Examination and fulfilled the educational and work experience requirements stipulated by their state’s accounting body. They are qualified to assist the general public with a variety of accounting needs, including tax preparation, financial statement audits, and consultation.

    A forensic accountant, on the other hand, is a specialized professional who focuses on the investigation of financial crimes and disputes. In court matters, such as fraud investigations or divorce procedures, they may be asked to examine financial documents. Forensic accountants in Denver frequently collaborate with legal teams and law enforcement.

    Even though both certified public accountants and forensic accountants have a firm grasp of accounting fundamentals, forensic accountants specialize in investigating financial crimes. While forensic accountants may work for law firms, government agencies, or consulting firms that specialize in forensic accounting, CPAs often work for public accounting firms or for private companies. A forensic accountant may also have further training or certifications in areas like fraud investigation or litigation support.

    How is forensic accounting different from auditing?

    Forensic accounting and auditing are two independent areas that share certain characteristics but differ in their goals, scope, and methods. Despite the fact that both require looking at financial records and transactions, forensic accounting extends beyond the typical scope of auditing to look into financial crimes like fraud, damages, and insurance claims.

    The purpose of an audit is to verify that a company’s books have been kept in accordance with applicable laws and regulations. Verifying the accuracy of financial accounts, evaluating internal controls, and recognizing potential risks are all part of it. Auditors are employed by or operate independently of accounting firms to ensure the accuracy of financial statements.

    The forensic accounting field, on the other hand, is a specialist branch of accounting that looks into financial wrongdoing and legal problems. Forensic accountants examine financial records, spot discrepancies, and testify as experts in court. They might be asked to look into things like insurance claims, fraud, or money laundering.

    To acquire evidence and establish a case, forensic accountants frequently collaborate closely with law enforcement, attorneys, and other experts. They might also assist with legal support services including expert witness testimony or damage assessments.

    When should I retain a Forensic Accountant?

    There are several different situations where it’s very important to retain a forensic accountant, the major ones being financial fraud, commercial damages, personal injury, commercial insurance claims, matrimonial disputes (divorce).

    They help in cases of divorce or business disputes where they help identify the value of assets or even find out any suspicious financial activity. Further, they are extremely beneficial while providing expert testimony in court and helping attorneys.

    Also, you might retain a forensic account if you require conducting internal audits and identifying any major area of risk or vulnerability. If done properly, this can help reduce fraudulent practices and guarantee compliance with regulations. So, if you seek a professional forensic accountant in Colorado Springs, Den

    What should I consider when deciding which forensic accountant to hire?

    There are many different points/elements to consider while choosing a forensic accounting professional for your needs. They are:

    • Qualifications: The very first or basic thing which any individual or company does is look into the qualifications. The same goes for such accountants. You must first confirm if they possess advanced and relevant certifications such as Certified Fraud Examiner (CFE) or Certified Public Accountant (CPA), and further if they have experience handling a case similar to yours. If they are inexperienced in your case, they might not be a suitable fit despite holding the certifications.
    • Reputation and track record: Next, we go towards the reputation of the forensic accountant and their track record. Try looking out for genuine reviews and testimonials from previous clients and see if they have been part of high-profile cases or possess any sort of recognition or award in their field.
    • Communication skills: Communication is the most important ability to master in the entire world. You can possess expertise in hundreds of technical skills but if your communication isn’t up-to-the-mark, you fail miserably. So, check if the forensic accountant you are in contact with has the skills and ability to explain complex situations and concepts to you in a very clear and concise manner. A great one will effectively communicate with both legal and non-financial stakeholders.
    • Fees/billing structure: A very important point, you must clearly understand what they charge and why they charge, which is their fees and the structure. Know if they charge on an hourly basis or have a flat fee and if there are any other additional costs involved such as travel expenses.

    Follow these points as the base/standard procedure and you will definitely make an informed decision while choosing one and know who is capable of providing valuable insights into your case and handling it effectively. And if you wish to save time seeking trust-worthy professionals for forensic accounting in Denver, feel free to contact our team.

    How does a forensic accountant in Denver CO help me during a divorce?

    In the case of a divorce, a forensic account provides value by identifying and valuing assets and also goes on to uncover all hidden or undisclosed income or other assets. Going further, they also thoroughly check all the financial records and determine the exact/actual income of every spouse. This comes in handy when deciding upon spousal and child support payments.

    They have specialized training and expertise in handling and analyzing financial records to identify any sort of irregularity or any discrepancy in them. If needed, they also help you by serving as an expert testimony and ensuring all your financial matters are handled fairly and accurately during the divorce proceedings.

    And finally, they assist with the division of complex assets like retirement accounts, businesses, and investments, if any. They provide expert insights into the tax implications of the various asset division situations and help you and your spouse receive a fair share of marital assets.

    What are potential red flags of fraud in my business?

    There are a host of them.

    • First, we have the absence or lack of any important documentation and also the presence of incomplete records. Examples – invoices, receipts, or any other documents which are missing. With that, there are also unexplained transactions or a discrepancy in the financial statements.
    • Then, we have a sudden shift or change in the lifestyle and the behavior of any employee. For example – an employee living beyond their possible/potential capacity, having a very high spending habit, and behavioral change in this aspect which could possibly signal fraudulent activity.
    • There are other red flags as well apart from the ones mentioned above, such as those who share job responsibilities, and have access to sensitive or confidential information but lack proper oversight. Apart from these, there could be fraud signals from your fellow partners as well, indulging in any wrongdoing like bribing, creating fake invoices, etc.

    These warning signs should be thoroughly investigated to protect the honesty of your organization, but they do not always indicate that fraud is taking place. The best way to avoid and uncover fraud within your firm is to put in place internal controls and conduct frequent audits.

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