Reliable Forensic Accounting in Denver to Investigate White-Collar Crime

Reliable Forensic Accounting in Denver to Investigate White-Collar Crime

Investigating fraud and damages while quantifying complex financial records to deliver transparent analyses that stand up to scrutiny in legal disputes.

About Arrowfish

With over 200 years of combined financial analysis experience, Arrowfish Consulting provides specialized business consulting services across the nation. Our team of PhD economists, MBAs, CPAs, CFAs and other experts assists law firms and companies with economic damages analysis, business valuations, forensic accounting, bankruptcy support, insurance claims, and general consulting.

We leverage our decades of experience at major accounting firms and Fortune 500 companies to provide quick turnarounds, expert testimony, and attentive client service to every case, whether an individual business owner or a global conglomerate.

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    We Help in the Following Situations


    Employee and Business Fraud Investigations

    • Evaluation Fraud and Ensuring Confidentiality
    • Evidence-Gathering and Evaluation
    • Preparation of Report and Possible Remedies


    Shareholder and Partner Disputes

    • Analyzing Individual and Group Shares in Depth
    • Determination of Potential Breach of Contract
    • Intimation of Negotiation or Mediation
    • Assistance with Exit Negotiation and Agreement


    Corporate Bankruptcy Proceedings

    • Identification of Potential Red Flags in Company Accounts
    • Tracking Down Asset and Fund Movement
    • Assistance with Court Proceedings
    • Presentation of Findings to Court as An Expert Witness


    Corporate Insurance Claims

    • Appintentment of an Expert Surveyor
    • Assessment of Losses
    • Preparation and Submission of the Report
    • Claim Scrutiny and Assistance with Settlement

    Something About Jeremiah Grant

    Meet Jeremiah Grant, the Managing Partner at Arrowfish Consulting and a recognized authority in business valuation, economic damages, and forensic accounting. Grant’s journey, commencing at PricewaterhouseCoopers in 1998, encompasses roles at Kroll Zolfo Cooper and LonePeak Valuation. Armedwith an MBA in Finance and Strategy, he graduated in the top 3% of his class from the Marriott School of Management.

    As a Certified Valuation Analyst (CVA) and holder of the Commercial Lines Coverage Specialist (CLCS) designation, Grant has testified in State and Federal Courts dozens of times. His international experience spans countries like the US, Jordan, Brazil, Hong Kong, and India, making him a trusted expert in the field.


    7-Step Process for Forensic Accounting In Denver


    Initial Consultation

    We arrange an initial consultation to gain a comprehensive understanding of your requirements, apprehensions, and objectives. This allows us to assess if our services align with your needs and expectations.


    Engagement Letter

    Once you are ready to proceed, we will craft an engagement letter that clearly outlines the scope of work, fees, and other essential terms and conditions.


    Data Collection

    We gather all pertinent financial documents and data. This includes bank statements, invoices, receipts, tax returns, and much more. It is to ensure that we have all the necessary information.



    Our expert forensic accountants meticulously examine financial data to detect any discrepancies, anomalies, or suspicious activities that may indicate potential fraud. We provide you with a broad analysis to help you take appropriate action.



    We prepare a detailed report that outlines our findings, conclusions, and recommendations, which we present to you in a clear and concise manner. The report is well-explained so you won’t face any problems.


    Expert Witness

    If required, we also provide expert witness testimony in court or arbitration hearings, based on our forensic accounting findings. We provide such services in cases of business and accounting valuation, and even divorce cases.



    We provide ongoing support to the client to help implement our recommendations and to prevent similar issues from occurring in the future.

    See What Our Clients Think of Us

    Jeremiah’s specialized business insights have significantly improved Business Improvement Group’s capacities.


    David Teller

    National Procurement Manager at Dyno Nobel

    Thank you for the amazing experience I had working with you. I look forward to collaborating with you soon.


    Hector L. Sandoval

    Attorney at Roven-Kaplan, LLP

    Jeremiah’s team is highly efficient in dispute litigations with millions of dollars in question.


    Scott Hansen

    Partner at Stoel Rives, LLP

    Mr Grant’s analysis and testimony are simply top-notch when it comes to expert witness.

    Jeff Tillotson

    Founder of Tillotson Law

    Your dedicated follow-ups ensure we’re on the right track. Thank you for that, Jeremiah.

    Claudia Gneiting

    Claudia Gneiting

    Director of Finance & Accounting at American Express

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What is the cost of forensic accounting in Denver?

    The cost of forensic accounting in Denver varies, typically ranging between $150 and $600 per hour. Numerous factors influence pricing, such as the complexity of the case, the forensic accounting company’s reputation, and the experience of the professionals involved.

    What other areas does your company serve in?

    Our forensic accounting services extend beyond Denver, covering key metropolitan areas:

    We are dedicated to providing expert financial investigation and analysis in these diverse regions. So, if you’re searching for the top forensic accounting firms in Denver and other regions, you’re sure to see Arrowfish’s name there.

    What qualifications do your forensic accountants from Denver have?

    Being an experienced business evaluator and forensic accountant in Denver, our lead member Jeremiah has the following credentials:

    Editorial Board ofThe Earnings Analyst

    What information would you require for the forensic accounting process?

    To initiate the forensic accounting process, essential information includes financial records, transaction details, contracts, employee data, or any pertinent documentation related to the case. A comprehensive dataset allows for a thorough and accurate financial investigation.

    What’s the difference between a traditional accountant and a forensic accountant like yourself?

    Unlike traditional accountants, forensic accountants specialize in investigating financial irregularities and fraud. They employ their skills in evidence gathering, case analysis, and report preparation. Forensic accountants play a crucial role in legal proceedings, providing expert testimony based on their investigative findings.

    What kind of cases do your forensic accountants handle?

    Our forensic accountants in Denver handle a diverse range of cases, including employee and business fraud investigations, shareholder disputes, corporate bankruptcy proceedings, commercial damages analysis, matrimonial disputes, and personal injury claims. Their expertise spans financial evaluations, evidence collection, and expert witness testimony in various legal contexts.

    About Denver

    Nestled against the majestic Rocky Mountains, Denver is a sprawling metropolis with a friendly Western vibe. Known as the Mile High City for its elevation, Denver enjoys 300 days of sunshine every year – perfect for exploring the area’s rich cultural events and vibrant outdoor spaces like sculptural parks, bike trails, and ski resorts just a short drive away.

    With a diversifying economy centered around tech, finance, energy, and aerospace, Denver offers fertile ground for fraud investigations in its many industries.

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