Strategic Business Valuation Services in Los Angeles

Strategic Business Valuation Services in Los Angeles

Our team conducts thorough financial analysis and market comparisons, providing you with a detailed report that aids in making informed decisions about acquisitions, sales, and growth strategies.

About Us – A Premier Business Valuation Firm in Los Angeles

At Arrowfish Consulting, our team of seasoned professionals—including PhD Economists, MBAs, and CPAs—brings over 200 years of experience across various industries. We’re equipped to handle everything from business valuations and economic damages analysis to forensic accounting and insurance claims.

Our approach is built on a foundation of honesty, independence, and integrity, ensuring that every project is managed with utmost professionalism and precision. Whether you’re facing a tight deadline or need detailed financial insights, we’re here to provide reliable analyses and credible testimony tailored specifically to your unique requirements.

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    Our Business Valuation Services in Los Angeles Include


    Transactions / Mergers & Acquisitions

    • Buying or Selling a Business
    • Management Planning
    • Buy/Sell Agreements

    Shareholder and Partner Disputes

    • Estate Planning and Gift Tax
    • Family Limited Partnerships (FLPs)
    • Income Tax


    Financial Reporting

    • Goodwill Impairment Testing
    • Purchase Price Allocation
    • Employee Stock Option Plan Valuation (ESOP)
    • Complex Securities Valuations
    • Identification and Valuation of Intangible Assets

    Bankruptcy or Restructuring

    • Solvency Analysis
    • Valuations for Lender Support

    About Your Business Valuation Expert

    I’m Jeremiah Grant, managing partner at Arrowfish Consulting, specializing in business valuations and economic damages. With 20+ years of experience, I’ve navigated complex cases globally, focusing on franchise disputes with brands like TCBY, Mrs. Fields, and Gold’s Gym. As a seasoned expert with CVA, CLCS, and MBA credentials, I deliver clear and credible analyses to facilitate fair resolutions.


    Our Business Valuation Process


    Initial Consultation

    We start with a thorough consultation to understand your valuation needs, timelines, and specific goals. This initial discussion helps us tailor our approach effectively. We then provide a detailed service agreement outlining the entire scope of work.


    Data Collection

    Our team diligently collects and reviews all relevant business documentation, from financial records to operational data. This step is crucial for building a complete picture of your business’s structure and market position.


    Stakeholder Interviews

    We conduct comprehensive interviews with business owners, executives, and key personnel to gain deeper insights into your operational nuances, financial health, and industry conditions.


    Detailed Evaluation

    Our experts perform an in-depth analysis using established valuation methodologies, ensuring the assessment is both rigorous and tailored to your specific situation.


    Reporting Results

    We deliver our valuation findings through a detailed report, complemented by a video conference to walk you through our analyses, assumptions, and the valuation methods used.


    Continued Partnership

    Following our engagement, we remain at your disposal to answer further queries, assist with litigation support, or provide updates and re-valuations as your business evolves. We aim to continue being your reliable advisory partner.

    See What Our Clients Think Of Us

    Jeremiah’s specialized business insights have significantly improved Business Improvement Group’s capacities.


    David Teller

    National Procurement Manager at Dyno Nobel

    Thank you for the amazing experience I had working with you. I look forward to collaborating with you soon.


    Hector L. Sandoval

    Attorney at Roven-Kaplan, LLP

    Jeremiah’s team is highly efficient in dispute litigations with millions of dollars in question.


    Scott Hansen

    Partner at Stoel Rives, LLP

    Mr Grant’s analysis and testimony are simply top-notch when it comes to expert witness.

    Jeff Tillotson

    Jeff Tillotson

    Founder of Tillotson Law

    Your dedicated follow-ups ensure we’re on the right track. Thank you for that, Jeremiah.

    Claudia Gneiting

    Claudia Gneiting

    Director of Finance & Accounting at American Express

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What does a business valuation in Los Angeles cost?

    The cost of a business valuation in Los Angeles can vary depending on the complexity and size of the business and the purpose of the valuation. Generally, fees can range from a few thousand dollars for small businesses to tens of thousands for larger, more complex enterprises. To get an accurate estimate, it’s best to request a detailed quote based on your specific needs.

    Which other areas does your team serve in the USA?

    Here are the following areas we serve –

    How is the value of my business determined?

    It is determined through a detailed analysis of various factors, including financial performance, market conditions, industry trends, and the overall economic environment. We use several business valuation methods, such as the income approach, market approach, and asset-based approach, to ensure an accurate and reliable valuation.

    What are the credentials or qualifications of your business valuation expert in Los Angeles?

    In addition to what has been mentioned above about Jeremiah, he is a part of the following –

    Editorial Board of The Earnings Analyst

    What information is needed for the valuation process in Los Angeles?

    To conduct a thorough business valuation in Los Angeles, we typically require financial statements for the past 3-5 years, tax returns, details of assets and liabilities, information on business operations and management, industry analysis, and any relevant legal documents. Providing comprehensive and accurate information helps in delivering a precise valuation.

    How long does the valuation process take in Los Angeles?

    The duration of the business valuation process in Los Angeles depends on the complexity of the business and the availability of required information. Generally, the process can take anywhere from a few weeks to a couple of months. We aim to provide timely and efficient services without compromising the quality of our analysis.

    Can I use a valuation for tax purposes?

    Yes, a business valuation can be used for various tax purposes in Los Angeles, including estate planning, gift taxation, and resolving disputes with the IRS. It’s crucial to have a professional valuation to ensure compliance with tax regulations and to provide a defensible value in case of audits or disputes

    What happens if the market conditions change during the valuation process?

    If market conditions change during the valuation process, we will reassess the impact of these changes on your business’s value. Significant economic shifts, industry trends, or regulatory changes can affect valuation outcomes. Our team stays updated on market dynamics to ensure your valuation reflects the most current conditions.

    How often should I get my business revalued in Los Angeles?

    It’s advisable to get your business revalued every 1-3 years or whenever there are significant changes in your business operations, market conditions, or industry environment. Regular valuations help you stay informed about your business’s worth and make strategic decisions based on up-to-date information.

    Can you help me understand the valuation report?

    Absolutely! Our team will guide you through the valuation report, explaining the methodologies used, key findings, and the factors influencing your business’s value. We ensure you have a clear understanding of the report so you can make informed decisions based on our analysis.

    A Little About Los Angeles, California

    Los Angeles, a vibrant metropolis sprawling across approximately 503 square miles, serves as a global hub for entertainment, technology, and business. The city is home to more than 3.8 million residents, making it the second-most populous in the United States. It boasts a diverse economy with strong sectors in aerospace, fashion, and manufacturing, alongside its world-famous entertainment industry.

    Key institutions like the University of Southern California and UCLA contribute to its status as a center for higher education and research. Infrastructure-wise, Los Angeles is served by an extensive network of freeways and is home to the Port of Los Angeles, one of the largest seaports in the world. The city’s cultural and economic diversity, combined with its significant role in international trade, makes it a dynamic place for business and innovation.

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