Accurate & Affordable Business Valuation in Chicago

Accurate & Affordable Business Valuation in Chicago

Enhance your business’s scalability and make the most out of market opportunities with the region’s most skilled business valuation team.

We’re Arrowfish Consulting, Chicago’s Premier Valuation Firm

With over two centuries of combined experience under our belt, we’re Chicago’s leading business valuation company. Our experts boast an array of specializations including business valuation, forensic accounting, corporate bankruptcy, insurance claims analysis, economic damages, and management consulting. 

We carry decades of expertise from Fortune 500 companies and possess professional-level degrees and certifications like Economics PhDs, MBAs, CPAs, CFEs, CFAs, ASAs, and CIRAs. So you can expect nothing less than top-notch valuations. 

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    Our Chicago, Illinois Business Valuations Cover


    Mergers, Acquisitions, and More

    • Sale or Purchase of Businesses
    • Sale or Purchase of Agreements
    • Management Plans


    Tax Compliance and IRS Reporting

    • Income Tax
    • Estate Planning and Gift Taxes
    • FLPs or Family-Related Partnerships


    Financial Reports

    • Valuation of Complicated Security/ies
    • Goodwill Impairment Testing
    • Identification and Valuation of Intangible Assets
    • Purchase Price Allocation
    • Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP) Valuation


    Bankruptcy and Related Restructuring

    • Solvency Analysis
    • Valuation of Lender Support

    A Message From Jeremiah, Our Managing Partner

    Hello, I am Jeremiah Grant, the Managing Partner at Arrowfish Consulting and your Chicago business valuation expert. 

    I hold dual certifications as a Certified Valuation Analyst (CVA) and Commercial Lines Coverage Specialist (CLCS) and bring over 25 years of diverse industry experience, including at the Big Four.

    My expertise spans business valuation, business interruption, commercial damages, breach of contract, fraud, intellectual property infringement, wrongful competition, insurance claims, misappropriation of assets, and forensic accounting investigations. My goal is simple: To provide you with a complete picture of your business’s current market value and the intricacies of its finances.


    Evaluate Your Chicago Business In 6 Easy Steps!


    Initial Consultation

    We’ll arrange a meeting to discuss your requirements, walk you through our services, and find the best solution.


    Letter of Engagement

    Our team will send over a letter of engagement and a list of required documents to start the valuation process.


    Preliminary Value Analysis

    Our business valuation experts will provide an overview of the valuation and a rough estimate of your business’s worth.


    Management Meet and Forecast

    We’ll schedule a meeting with your company’s management and put together a financial forecast for your business.


    Follow-Up Consultation

    We’ll schedule a call to discuss the overall valuation of your company and address your queries or concerns.


    Final Report Delivery

    We present you with the final valuation report which will include all relevant details and findings from our analysis.


    Jeremiah’s specialized business insights have significantly improved Business Improvement Group’s capacities.


    David Teller

    National Procurement Manager at Dyno Nobel

    Thank you for the amazing experience I had working with you. I look forward to collaborating with you soon.


    Hector L. Sandoval

    Attorney at Roven-Kaplan, LLP

    Jeremiah’s team is highly efficient in dispute litigations with millions of dollars in question.


    Scott Hansen

    Partner at Stoel Rives, LLP

    Mr Grant’s analysis and testimony are simply top-notch when it comes to expert witness.

    Jeff Tillotson

    Founder of Tillotson Law

    Your dedicated follow-ups ensure we’re on the right track. Thank you for that, Jeremiah.

    Claudia Gneiting

    Claudia Gneiting

    Director of Finance & Accounting at American Express

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Why do you need a business valuation in Chicago?

    A business valuation is important because it can help you make inform decisions related to mergers and acquisitions, financing, tax planning, estate planning, and more.

    Also, it’ll provide valuable insights into the current state of your company and its potential future.

    What are the requirements for getting a business valuation?

    You’ll need to provide us with information such as income statements, balance sheets, assets and liabilities, and cash flow statements.
    Additionally, you might have to brief us about the company’s competitive landscape, customer base, and market position.

    What are the business valuation methods we use?

    There are a few different approaches that we use for valuing a business. This includes: 

    • The asset-based approach (focuses on the value of your company’s tangible assets). 
    • The earnings approach (looks at a company’s past and projected future earnings).
    • The market value approach (finds what a willing buyer would pay for your company under current market conditions). 
    How much do Chicago business valuation firms charge?

    As a general rule, you can expect to pay anywhere from $5,000 to $50,000, or more for a complete business valuation. The exact cost will depend on factors such as the size of your business, the industry it operates in, the reason for the appraisal, etc.

    How long will it take to evaluate my business?

    It typically takes a certified expert around two to three weeks to complete a detailed evaluation.

    How to review a business evaluation?

    You can review a valuation by using the purchase price justification test. This test looks at whether a bank would be willing to give a buyer enough equity financing at the proposed price.

    Why should I invest in professional valuation services?

    It’s crucial for business owners to know the accurate worth of your company.
    Free online valuations may seem like an attractive option but lack the accuracy required. That’s why you should work with an experienced expert who can provide an in-depth analysis of your business.

    Are multiple business values possible?

    Yes, it is possible.
    You see, while strategic buyers may be willing to pay more for potential synergies, prospective buyers may not see those same benefits.

    How do I choose the right valuation expert?

    You should always look for certifications like Accredited Senior Appraiser (ASA), Certified Business Appraiser (CBA), Accredited in Business Valuation (ABV), and Certified Valuation Analyst (CVA). These are signals that the evaluator has all required expertise to evaluate your business.

    A little something about businesses in Chicago

    Chicago has always attracted big-ticket investments, thanks to its pro-business policies and top-of-the-line infrastructure

    Not to mention, the city is also home to startups that started small and made a global impression. This includes McDonald’s, Mondelez International, Motorola, Grubhub, and countless more. 

    At Arrowfish Consulting, our Chicago business valuation services are designed for businesses of all sizes and backgrounds. Whatever your valuation requirement is, our team has got you covered. 

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