Technical Experts

Technical Experts:

In order to bring the highest level of expertise to all of our clients we have augmented our already very strong team of experts by partnering with other highly respected experts who possess deep expertise in specific areas such as IP damages, intellectual property valuation, estate planning, ESOPs, corporate bankruptcy, SEC reporting and customer confusion.

These technical experts provide first rate expertise in their respective fields while working as integral members of the Arrowfish team. Rest assured, our partnering with experts outside of our firm is both seamless and efficient. There is no need to worry about two different engagement letters or two different bills. There is also no duplication of effort. To the contrary, we leverage the many years of experience of our technical experts in order to quickly and decisively cut to the heart of each matter so that each member of our team knows exactly what needs to be done in order to best meet our clients’ needs.

Because each of these experts either owns their own firm or works for another firm we do not publicize them here on our web site. Contact us today to discuss your needs and we’ll give you an honest assessment of whether our team is a good fit for your particular matter. If we’re not, we’ll happily try to refer you to another firm that may be.